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DJ: "The Last Teardrop for Swing and Soul"

A DJ's job is to play music, but it's not as simple at that. To successfully do that, you need to be able to 'read' your audience, and keep them happily on the dance floor.

Most DJ's use a combination of a pre-selected group of music, and add music on the 'fly' based on the crowd's reactions.

A DJ that has a great selection of songs is typically called a 'digger'; this comes from digging for music from crates at record stores.

Ramiro specializes in R&B (Rhythm and Blues) and Motown styles, primarily 1950's-1970's. This type of music is toe-tapping, can't sit still, you-just-have-to-dance music!

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'Master of Ceremonies'

A Master of Ceremonies (also known as an MC or emcee) is the official host for a managed event, performance, or party.

Normally, a Master of Ceremonies introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep everyone energized and the ceremony or agenda flowing as smoothly as possible.

Vitruvian Salsa in the Park

Since it's inception, Ramiro has played a dual roll as both the MC and a Salsa instructor for this yearly event. Every Saturday in August, this annual event brings Salsa bands, dance performances, dance lessons, Latin food, and DANCING!

Ramiro Gonzalaz JDing a private event

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